Shri Ram New Horizons

We are very satisfied with "Shriram New Horizons Limited" as our intranet for more than a year now. It has a good look and feel, took a relatively short time for the system to be up and running, and the maintenance costs are reasonably low. We have also had a few small applications built over the system which has worked well for our user community.

  • Provide improved, but secure access to internal and external information resources.
  • Facilitate communication.
  • Support publishing of content to the intranet site by authorised staff.
  • Work in conjunction with the company’s Internet/ extranet websites.

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"Training is a long-term business, one that needs to grow more in reputation than size. Thatís our objective."

"Development of domain skills in retail, insurance, hospitality and tourism and microfinance, among other sectors, can help realize the dreams of 80-100 million youth in this country. Hopefully, the experience we gather in India will help us to go global in the near future."

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